GG's Journey


A very special dog found on the streets of Detroit inspired the website on your screen…

One sweltering May morning in 2009, an abandoned but beautiful dog—Gorgeous Gal, or GG as she would come to be known by the millions who love her—was found lying under a majestic old oak tree in Detroit, Michigan. She was three-years old; a mixed breed of American bull dog and Staffordshire terrier, also known as a Pit Bull mix. Somehow, she had made it through three of Detroit’s frigid winters and sweltering summers, but was growing sick and losing strength. Still, GG had a glimmer of hope. She deserved a chance, it was her right. Although she was taken to a local shelter, that facility was not committed to the “No-Kill” movement and did not save all healthy and treatable animals. GG’s rescue was an emotional journey of hope, fear, and joy; but not every abandoned animal gets a second chance.

By purchasing items found on GG’s shopping page, you will help to rescue other homeless animals like GG and give them a second chance. 15% of the net proceeds of GG’s products will be used to support animal welfare organizations in an effort to end animal homelessness, euthanasia of healthy and treatable pets, exploitation, inhumane treatment and other forms of animal cruelty. The allocation of your funds will be published in the spirit of transparency and accountability on GG’s Funds page.

Speaking for those who cannot is our moral responsibility. If we become compassionate to our animals, we will be a kinder, gentler nation.