GG's Journey: From Lost to Loved Now Available on Kindle! February 14 2016

GG's Journey is now available on Kindle! Get your copy now for only $9.95! 

GG's Journey's Debut: Book Signing in Northville, Michigan October 25 2015

GG’s Journey is a heroic tale told through the eyes of a once abandoned dog who overcomes significant obstacles on her quest to finally find a loving family. As she deals with life-threatening illness, misconceptions about her behavior, and the uncertainty of her future, the reader gets a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the systems that are designed to support, but often fail, our animals in need. 

GG’s Journey is the first novel from Cheryl Lyn Phillips, a Northville-based author who has dedicated her life to rescuing animals and protecting them from the inhumane practices of animal shelters that do more harm than good. On Sunday, November 8th, Phillips will be at Tirami Su of Northville from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. to read a selection from GG’s Journey and sign copies of the novel, which will be available for purchase on-site. Come and learn more about the true story that inspired GG’s Journey, and enjoy delicious food and beverages from one of Metro Detroit’s most popular restaurants. 

Happy Birthday Shamie! April 07 2015

Today we would like to extend happy birthday wishes to a very special boy. Shamrock ("Shamie"), our founder's mother's kitty, has reached an incredible birthday milestone! Today, April 7, 2015, is his 20th birthday, which is 97 in cat years! We love you so much and are so glad you are still with us after two decades. Here's to another birthday for Shamie! 

In Loving Memory of Big Boy February 22 2015

We are devastated to announce the loss of Cheryl Phillips' cat Big Boy. After a short battle with a very aggressive disease, Big Boy sadly succumbed and crossed Rainbow Bridge on February 2, 2015. A rescue cat who was discovered by Chery's sister in 2006, Big Boy brought an incredible amount of joy and love to the Phillips' household, where he lived with a mom, dad, and four feline siblings. We love you Big Boy! You will be greatly missed! 

Happy Birthday Carlton! December 08 2014

Dear Carlton,

Happy 15th Birthday! We love you! You've had a rough year with various medical issues, but thanks to God and your wonderful medical team Drs. Brown and Venema, you have had a remarkable recovery. We treasure each day with you!


Mom, Dad, "Caesar, Cissy, Chanel & Big Boy"



In Memory of GG November 15 2014

In Memory of GG 
Rescued May 20, 2009 - November 4, 2014 ( ~ Age 10)

It is with great sadness and a broken heart that I announce the passing of our beloved GG. GG was the greatest dog and inspired me to establish GG's Journey to help save homeless animals. I rescued her in May 2009 in Detroit, Michigan, on Maryland Street. We were told by the Michigan Humane Society that she was aggressive and unpredictable, but the truth was that she was one of the most loving and gentle dogs I’ve ever known! GG encountered many challenges on her journey to a healthy and happy life, partly due to being a pit-bull mix. Having survived on the streets of Detroit, her first major battle after her rescue was overcoming peritonitis, a very serious and often fatal condition that she contracted after being spayed. But she was a fighter, and after recovering from her health issues I worked to make sure that she would get to experience the life she deserved in her own forever home. In July 2009, Renee officially adopted GG. It was a joyous day that I will never forget! In April 2014, GG was diagnosed with anemia and they found a mass on her liver. She had a great summer, but her health began failing in the fall and she was hospitalized on November 3, 2014 for anemia and dehydration. On November 4, 2014, I said goodbye to GG and she crossed over to Rainbow Bridge.

Renee was the best mom and gave GG a wonderful life full of love and adventure. I am so grateful to her for allowing me, Aunt Cheryl, to be a part of GG's life throughout the years…we had many wonderful times together! We will go on in GG's spirit to help other animals and I know that she is watching our work from Rainbow Bridge. GG, you gave us so much love and joy! I love you and I will miss you greatly!!

She was truly a beautiful, gentle GG, a Gorgeous Gal!

Cheryl Phillips          

GG's Journey Sponsors Michigan Pet Fund Alliance No-Kill Conference! September 18 2014

GG's Journey was a proud sponsor of the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance No-Kill Conference held September 4th and 5th in Troy, Michigan. To learn more about this conference and the speakers, visit


Commemorating GG's Birthday and Rescue Day! May 20 2014

Today is GG's birthday! Help us celebrate by sharing this post with your friends and family on Facebook.

Today also marks another significant day for GG and all of the people who love her. On this day five years ago, Cheryl rescued GG from Maryland Street in Detroit. Depressed, hungry, and thirsty, Cheryl nourished her and thus began a bond and a journey that would culminate in the creation of GG’s Journey and GG’s Foundation.

GG's ability to overcome her past, a life threatening infection, and the stereotypes that threatened her life and future serve as a valuable reminder that we must be the VOICE for each and every animal. Today, GG lives out her golden years with Renee, Heidi and two dog siblings in a suburb of Detroit. Our work continues to help every animal's story end just as happily.

Once again, happy birthday and happy rescue day GG! We love you!


GG's Journey Attends First Annual Spay-tacular! Fundraiser Event March 05 2014

GG's Journey proudly attended the first annual Spay-tacular! Dogs, Cats, and Cars event benefiting All About Animals Rescue based in Warren, Michigan. The event was held at the historic Ford Piquette Avenue Plant in Detroit, Michigan. Funds raised will help spay and neuter more cats and dogs to support the mission of No More Homeless Pets! 


Two days after his rescue, Salami’s owners called about him. He had escaped the evening of January 5th and they searched into the wee hours of the morning for him. When his mom and two teenage siblings arrived to pick him up, he was so excited to see them! The family submitted veterinary records showing that all of his shots were up to date. They were counseled on pet care, and paid a fee to get him out of the shelter. The GG's Journey team is thrilled to report this happy ending for Salami and his family!


GG's Journey Founder Saves Dog from Frigid Temperatures January 07 2014

Cheryl saved a dog from the frigid cold on Monday, January 6th. Luckily, the rescue was caught on camera by a Detroit news station. The rescue serves as important reminder of our responsibility to our animals, especially in extreme conditions.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from GG's Journey! December 24 2013

On behalf of everyone at GG's Journey, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!