GG's Journey: From Lost to Loved


by Cheryl Lyn Phillips


An abandoned dog, GG, grows up on the unforgiving streets of Detroit. She knows that living on the streets is dangerous and her luck is running out. One fateful day in May, GG decides to approach a woman and both of their lives change forever. GG is taken to a local shelter for physical and emotional recovery. For the first time, GG has hope for a better future. But not long after she arrives at the shelter, things take a horrible turn for the worse. Suddenly, GG finds herself sick and on the brink of death, and she overhears the shelter staff saying it will be impossible to find her a home because of her "street" behavior. GG fears she may never be healthy, get out of the shelter alive or find a loving family. During the following months, GG battles for the brightest future possible. Will GG recover from her illness and will the woman's efforts be enough to get her out of the shelter and into the loving home of her dreams?


"GG's story is a compelling one. I followed her tumultuous journey through discovery, life-threatening illness, adoption and finally, true happiness and contentment in a loving home. Even with the daily knowledge of GG's trials and tribulations, I anticipated each new page--looking for reassurances that GG would complete her journey successfully. A smart, fast-paced read that provides a view into the inner workings of the systems that support, and fail, our four-legged friends. -Melonie Colaianne

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