Commemorating GG's Birthday and Rescue Day!

Cheryl Phillips

Today is GG's birthday! Help us celebrate by sharing this post with your friends and family on Facebook.

Today also marks another significant day for GG and all of the people who love her. On this day five years ago, Cheryl rescued GG from Maryland Street in Detroit. Depressed, hungry, and thirsty, Cheryl nourished her and thus began a bond and a journey that would culminate in the creation of GG’s Journey and GG’s Foundation.

GG's ability to overcome her past, a life threatening infection, and the stereotypes that threatened her life and future serve as a valuable reminder that we must be the VOICE for each and every animal. Today, GG lives out her golden years with Renee, Heidi and two dog siblings in a suburb of Detroit. Our work continues to help every animal's story end just as happily.

Once again, happy birthday and happy rescue day GG! We love you!


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