Three Ways You Can Celebrate National Mutt Day

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National Mutt Day is celebrated twice a year on July 31 and December 2. Although we believe in celebrating this holiday every day, National Mutt Day is an opportunity to focus on embracing, saving, and celebrating mixed breed dogs. 

The purpose of this important day is to raise awareness of the plight of mixed breed dogs in shelters around the nation. Approximately 80 percent of dogs in shelters are mixed breeds. 

Here are three ways you can celebrate National Mutt Day.

1. Raise awareness. 
Take time to do some research and make sure you understand the importance of adopting a mutt. You can start by reading our post, 4 Reasons to Adopt a Mutt on National Mutt Day. Then, share this knowledge with your friends and family in person and on social media. If anyone you know is planning on adopting a dog soon, explain to them why they should consider giving a Furever home to a mutt, if they aren’t already aware.

2. Donate to your local animal shelter.
Local shelters are always appreciative of any support you can give. The money you donate will help keep dogs and cats in shelters healthy and safe while they wait for their Furever homes. In honor of National Mutt Day, we invite you to host a mini fundraiser with your family and friends. See how much money you can raise to help a local shelter in one day. It will be very appreciated!

3. Adopt Only If You are Committed to Caring for a Pet for its Lifetime.
Of course, a great way to make a permanent difference in a Mutt’s life is to adopt one. Mutts tend to live longer, and they’re just waiting for a loving home. However, if you do not feel ready to adopt at this time, please wait until you can give a dog the home it deserves and consider showing your support in another way until then. 

Share this post with your family and friends so together we can spread awareness and help Mutts on their special day (and every day)!

Please spay/neuter and vaccinate your pets, save lives.

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