4 Reasons to Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet

Cheryl Phillips

Every year animal enthusiasts dedicate a week to the education and promotion of adopting a less adoptable animal. According to Dogtime, Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week launched in 2009 by Petfinder, an online pet adoption website. Petfinder desired to celebrate old dogs, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) cats, and other hard-to-adopt pets. This year, Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week takes place from September 21 to September 27. As the week approaches, here are four reasons to consider adopting a less adoptable pet.

1. Older pets have advantages over younger pets.
Age of a pet is one of the most common reasons senior dogs and cats do not get adopted from shelters. However, there are many advantages to older pets! Most older pets are house-trained or litter-box trained before adoption. Most also have basic obedience training. This prior training means less work for you and your busy life. Older pets also have less energy than younger pets. This may be more suitable for your household and its needs.

2. Caring for a sick pet makes for a better bond between human and animal.
Animals with ongoing health issues can be hard to get adopted as they are often overlooked. Whether the animal is faced with an incurable, but manageable illness or a neurological issue, these animals require more care. If you are able to provide the additional care and resources, consider adopting a sick pet. The extra care makes for a better bond between human and animal, and companionship is why you are getting a pet in the first place!

3. Black-colored pets are just as friendly and loving as any other shelter animals.
We have all heard the superstitions surrounding black-colored animals. While researchers debate the main reason black-coated animals are less likely to be adopted, the following are some of the most common: the animals facial features, the commonness of a black pet, and media portrayal of black dogs and cats being associated with bad luck and the supernatural. However, black-coated pets are just as friendly and loving as any other shelter animals. In many countries they are considered to bring good luck and fortune. 

4. Although Pit Bulls get a bad reputation, they make wonderful family pets.
Shelters have difficulty placing Pit Bulls and Pit mixes. Some private shelters have such difficulty, they won’t accept the breed. Instead of passing over a Pit Bull in the shelter, look past the breed’s bad reputation in the media. Pit Bulls can be wonderful, loving dogs that are great for a family. In the 1800’s they were Nanny Dogs! 

Every animal deserves a home. While looking for your next pet, look to adopt those that are considered less adoptable. By opening your home and heart, you can change the life of a pet and create a human-animal bond unlike any other.


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