GG’s Foundation Impacts Animal Advocacy with Human“e” Education Program Offerings

Cheryl Phillips

Be Educated, Be Human“e”. Animals have feelings too. Cheryl Phillips, the author of GG’s Journey: From Lost to Loved and founder of GG ~ Gorgeous Gal and GG’s Foundation, is dedicated to providing Human”e” Education for all ages to prevent abuse, neglect, and violence of animals.

 Phillips strives to positively impact the Metro Detroit communities by conducting GG's Human“e” Education Workshops.

 GG’s Foundation has held Human“e” Education Workshops through collaboration with the Detroit Impact Center as well as Friendship Circle. It is critical for children and adults alike to understand that we must treat all living creatures with respect, responsibility, and compassion. The goal is to educate, inspire, and create awareness of the abuse, neglect, and violence that animals endure, and what we can do to prevent it. GG’s next Human“e” Education Workshop is at the Detroit Impact Center on July 21.  

 When asked what she learned during Phillips’ Human“e” Education Workshop, Anaiya, age 9, stated, “I learned about how dogs are spayed and neutered, and how you train them.”

 Since 2012, Phillips has completed TNR (Trap, Neuter, and Return) for more than 225 “community felines” through rain, heat, sleet, and snow. “We have to stop over-population,” says Phillips, who blames the problem on irresponsible pet owners who fail to have their pets spayed/neutered and abandonment, and shelters and rescues that release cats and dogs for adoption before they are spayed and neutered. “I try to do whatever I can; it starts with education. “

 “She’s the lady you wouldn’t expect to be a typical cat lady. But she goes out of her way running around saving cats and dogs. Cheryl to the rescue,” said Bill Koresky from Hamtramck, who contacted Phillips about his kittens after calling multiple organizations without receiving help.

 In 2017, GG’s Foundation

  1. Responded to 29 calls for assistance and made 49 trips.
  2. Provided spay/neuter for 68 animals.
  3. Traveled more than 2,500 miles and volunteered more than 130 hours.
  4. Funded spay/neuter and medical care for 16 community felines in Grand Rapids.

“Cheryl is very helpful in rescuing strays. She is so generous with her time and energy, and she is truly a steward of God’s creation,” said Canton resident Mary Ann.

 “If we can instill compassion in our youth, we will be a kinder, gentler nation,” said Phillips.

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