Summer Edition: Keeping Your Pets Safe

Cheryl Phillips

Summer is finally here! The rain has slowed, the heat is rising, and the sun is staying in the sky long into the night. While Summer brings fun outdoor activities for you and your furry friends, it can also bring dangers. Here are the top four threats to your pets this Summer and how to protect against them.

1. Ticks and fleas
Ticks are a common concern during Michigan summers for both humans and animals. Ticks live in wooded, grassy areas and carry numerous diseases, including Lyme disease. Fleas are also a concern for animals and like to live in shady, dry, humid areas. Whether hiking or playing fetch, be sure to check your pet for ticks and fleas once a day. If you are to find a tick or fleas, follow the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ steps for removal. Remember to ask your veterinarian about the best ways to prevent against ticks and fleas for your pet!

2. Heatstroke and dehydration
It gets hot during Michigan Summers! Protect your pet from the heat by providing fresh, clean water at all times. Portable water bowls are helpful for walks, long or short. To prevent heatstroke, groom your pet. Brushing your pet more often during the Summer allows you to rid them of extra fur, decreasing their chances of overheating. Leaving your pet indoors or giving them access to a shaded area while outside will protect them as well.

3. Cars
There is nothing better than taking your pet for a joy ride during Summer. It is relaxing for both you and your furry friend! However, it is not safe to leave your pet in the car while running quick errands. Temperatures in cars rise quickly, making it easy for heatstroke, dehydration, and even death to occur in your animal. If you see pets locked in a parked car, follow the steps here, as outlined by PETA.

4. Sidewalks
When temperatures outside rise, so does the temperature of sidewalks. Avoid walking your pet on hot surfaces such as asphalt. It burns their paws! To avoid hot surfaces, take walks during cool times of day or walk in shady areas.

Be proactive when it comes to your pet’s safety during Summer. It allows for both you and your furry friends to enjoy the festivities warmer weather brings.

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