You Ask, We Answer: Honoring the K9s that Served on National K9 Veterans Day

Cheryl Phillips

We all know the importance of Veterans Day and honoring those who have served. However, less people are aware of National K9 Veterans Day! National K9 Veterans Day takes place on March 13, and is a day designated to honor the canine members of the military.

GG’s Foundation is answering your questions about the holiday, so you can join in honoring man’s best friend.

What are K9 Veterans?
According to Military Benefits, a Military War Dog or Military Working Dog is a canine trained to protect humans in dangerous situations.

What do Military War Dogs do?
Military Benefits explains that dogs have been a part of military campaigns for centuries. In WWI, the U.S. used dogs to deliver messages between soldiers. Military War Dogs also warn of impeding danger and can locate wounded soldiers.

How Did National K9 Veterans Day begin?
The holiday began to honor the date the Army K9 Corps was formed in 1942. In fact, Joseph White, a retired military dog trainer, started the holiday.

Why is Celebrating K9 Veterans Day Important?
Before 2000, Military Benefits shares there were no protections in place for Military War Dogs. Many canines were either left at location after war or euthanized. In 2000, a law was passed that Military War Dogs could be adopted and are available for placement after retirement. K9 Veterans Day honors the many dogs who became homeless or were euthanized after war while thanking all K9s for their service.

How Can You Honor K9 Veterans Day?
You can join us in honoring K9 Veterans Day with the social media hashtag #NationalK9VeteransDay. Share this article with the hashtag so others can become educated on this holiday.

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