Adopt-a-Shelter Pet Day is April 30

Cheryl Phillips

Do you ever see a family loving, laughing, and playing with their adorable family pet and wish you had a furry friend to keep you company at home? Little do you know there’s a dog or cat at a shelter waiting for someone like you to love them!

Adopting a pet from a shelter is immeasurably rewarding. It gives you a sense of helping the community, as well as finding love in a new furry friend. Below you’ll find all the expert dos and don’ts about adopting a shelter pet.


  • Talk to family, roommates, or anyone else who could be affected by your decision to adopt before you take your new pet home.
  • Consult the shelter’s staff. Cesar’s Way notes, “shelter staffers are an adopter’s secret weapon: they handle the dogs day in and day out, so they really know which ones are super active and which ones are more mellow—and they’re happy to tell you everything they know.”
  • Walk some dogs; this will allow both of you to get a feel for each other.
  • Look into disaster shelters and kill shelters. These animals are likely to be in far more intense danger than regular shelters, so you could be saving a life.
  • Go for it! Expert Greg Kleva says, “Go to the shelter and ‘Just Do It!’ Don’t risk walking away from the dog who could become your new best friend.”
  • Give them time. Not all dogs show their personality right away; so let them open up to you when they’re ready.


  • Make direct eye contact right away. Cesar suggests saving the eye contact for when you really know each other.
  • Go to the shelter on weekends or afternoons. These are busy times and another future owner might take up your perfect pooch’s attention.
  • Limit yourself to a purebred. According to Cesar, “Mixed-breed dogs often make the best pets because they carry the great traits of both (or all!) of the breeds in their make-up. It is also widely believed that mixed breeds will be healthier than purebreds, due to their decreased risk of passing along recessive genes.”
  • Buy from pet stores in malls. Although they’re cute, these animals most likely come from puppy mills. “By supporting those stores, you're helping perpetuate a legacy of animal abuse,” says Cesar.

Adopting a pet can be the first step in a lifetime of happiness for you and the shelter pup. Don’t be afraid to take the chance on someone who needs you! Celebrate this Adopt-a-Shelter Pet Day the right way by finding your new best friend. 

If you have questions about the shelter pet adoption process, contact GG today.

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