Pet Dental Health Month   

Cheryl Phillips

We’re not the only ones who need to worry about our dental hygiene – animals do too! This month is Pet Dental Health Month, so from dogs to cats to gerbils, make sure your pet’s teeth are healthy.   

A Veterinarian’s report that an estimated 85 percent of dogs over age four are suffering from some form of periodontal disease, a painful oral condition that can lead to tooth loss and infection. This disease is most likely due to untreated bacteria accumulating in dog’s gums. By putting dental cleanings and professional checkups at the top of your priorities for your pup, this is preventable.   

Take it slow.

Habits like this don’t form overnight, so be patient with your pet and ease into the new routine.

Set realistic goals.

Every day might not be the most logical time to brush. Animal Planet suggests setting a goal of three to four times per week.

Find the right product for your pet.

Not every dog will react to dental products the same. Some may prefer chewing on knucklebones, which are softer and gentler on teeth, rather than chew toys. Other supplies include a doggie toothbrush, canine toothpaste, and wipes/pads.  There are some quality products that you can add to your pet’s food to help reduce tartar, ask your vets and search the Internet for quality products.   

Don’t make it seem like a chore.

Create a calm and inviting environment where your pet feels comfortable.  Always remember that the reward system goes a long way; end it with a treat or play time!

Finally, always make time for a trip to the veterinarian. Regular appointments are critical to your pet’s health, and will pay off in the long run. Make an appointment early and stick with it! Don’t be afraid to ask questions or tips for how to improve your pet’s dental hygiene.

Take this time to bond with your pet by showing them you care about their health and happiness! Send us your pet’s new pearly whites after practicing these new tips and tricks.

And don’t forget! Cats need to have their dental hygiene kept up too!

Happy Pet Dental Health Month!

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