An Update on GG’s Foundation

Cheryl Phillips

GG’s Journey all started with one incredibly loving, brave miracle named Gorgeous Gal (GG). It’s because of her that GG’s Foundation exists to help animals far and wide. Our mission is to end animal homelessness, euthanasia of healthy and treatable pets, exploitation, inhumane treatment, and animal cruelty – and we have been working to do just that.

Through GG’s Foundation, our main focuses include:

  • Animal rescue
  • Behavior assistance
  • Family assistance program
  • Humane education program for adults and youth
  • Micro-chip identification
  • No-Kill movement
  • Pet therapy
  • Spay and neuter
  • TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release) to manage feral cat colonies
  • Vaccinations 

“I’m incredibly proud of all the hard work we have been putting into GG’s Foundation so far. Thank You so very much for your generous support! Just this year, we have rescued two felines for adoption, conducted two TNR events, set-up one shelter, a McMansion, two food stations, and started work on one of four large areas that have community felines.  “Pilot” our first TNR feline is doing well and back with his colony.  One of our rescues, an abandoned senior feline, “Forever”, a beautiful black kitty, required removal of 11 teeth. He is doing great and is waiting for his “Forever” home.  2018 is off to a Purrfect start. I’m very excited to see what the rest of this year brings us,” shared Cheryl Phillips, founder of GG’s Foundation.

Since 2012, the TNR work of GG’s Foundation has been completed with more than 225 “community cats” through all types of weather conditions. Community felines are the abandoned pets that roam neighborhoods and live in outdoor colonies; thankfully, many have caretakers. 

In 2017, Phillips responded to 29 calls for assistance and made 49 trips to rescue felines and canines. She spayed/neutered and saved 68 animals of which two were canines.  Of the 68, 38 were adopted, and 30 returned to their colony caretakers.

To stay up-to-date on what’s going on in GG’s world and how to stay active in the Foundation, visit our website and follow GG’s Journey on social media!

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