Thankful for GG

Cheryl Phillips

With Thanksgiving Day approaching, I wanted to take a moment to reflect.  Doing what I love; helping animals, and bringing awareness of the love they give to people is a blessing. I am grateful for the opportunity and the platform to bring awareness of the plight of the community felines and help educate those who want to help. Most of all, I am grateful to have helped many precious animals, and for the fantastic people who tirelessly help me to help the animals.

Though GG is no longer with us, she continues to inspire me. When I think I can't do anymore, I see her face and the look in her eyes when I rescued her, and I have a renewed energy to continue my work.  Through GG’s story, I have been able to share with others how it feels to help save the lives of animals who, otherwise, may not survive.

GG has shown us how much love a rescue animal can give. I am grateful to everyone who adopts these loving animals, and for those who are a voice for the animals and step up to help. I am grateful for all the incredible work shelters, rescues, and fosters do to aid and care for the animals, so they may have a second chance with a forever, loving family.

GG was a force for good and love, and her purpose continues to grow. Her inspiration shines in my book, showing us her strength. She shines through those that read her story and become inspired to help animals too. GG continues to make a difference in the lives of animals. Through the work I have been so blessed to do, I have created a foundation. GG’s Foundation mission is to end animal homelessness, abuse, and neglect through rescue, spay and/or neuter, and humane education.  GG's Journey continues to give back to the animals as 15% of net proceeds support GG’s Foundation.

I am incredibly grateful to those who have purchased GG's Journey: From Lost to Loved and helped me help the animals. It takes a village, and together we can and do make a difference in the lives of animals, and people! I hope that GG’s Journey inspires you the way it did me. I am grateful to be able to help our animals. And I am most grateful for your support.

Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!

Love and blessings,

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