Three Ways to Celebrate National Change a Pet’s Life Day

Cheryl Phillips

Here at GG’s we believe every day is National Change a Pet’s Life Day. But, believe it or not, there is a national holiday dedicated to just that. January 24 marks National Change a Pet’s Life Day! Join GG’s Foundation in celebrating the holiday in the following ways.


  1. Volunteer at your favorite shelter.

If you are not in the market to adopt or foster a pet, do the next best thing—volunteer! Animal shelters are in constant need of support. Utilize your skills by teaching animals manners, simply walk dogs or clean cages.

Any dedication of time and energy will help your favorite shelter stay up and running. You can discover more information about our favorite shelters and how to volunteer here.


  1. Don’t have time for volunteering? Donate to your favorite shelter or non-profit.

We understand if you do not have time to volunteer! The beginning of the year is always a busy time. Instead of volunteering, consider making a monetary contribution to your favorite shelter or non-profit. Shelters and non-profits host information on their website for donations and what the money goes toward.

When donating to GG’s Foundation, the money funds animal rescue, behavior assistance, human education programs, micro-chip identification, the no-kill movement, spay and neuter, TNR (trap/neuter/release), and vaccinations. You can learn more about GG’s Foundation here.


  1. Adopt a new pet!

The best way to change an animals life is to give him or her a new home. When adopting from a shelter, you are not only changing one animals’ life, but two. By adopting you free up the space for another animal to find a temporary home at your favorite shelter.

Adopting a new furry friend is an exciting experience. It is also a lifetime commitment. After adopting a new pet, you must acclimate them to a new environment, new rules, and a new lifestyle. While it can be overwhelming for a new owner, it is equally overwhelming for the animal. To ease the process, follow our six tips here.

Take some time this National Change a Pet’s Life Day to consider adopting. Not sure what exactly to consider? Read our post on the topic here.

When your feel ready, head down to your local animal shelter and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and family.

Remember: You can make every day National Change a Pet’s Life Day by becoming an animal advocate!

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