Tips to Make Your Newly Adopted Friend Feel at Home

Cheryl Phillips

Adopting a new furry friend is an exciting experience. It is also a lifetime commitment. After adopting a new pet, you must acclimate them to a new environment, new rules, and a new lifestyle. While it can be overwhelming for a new owner, it is equally overwhelming for the animal. To ease the process, follow the five tips below.

  1. Ask when the last time your new pet was fed and what they were fed. In order to avoid gastric issues, it is recommended to feed your animal on the same schedule for a couple of days. Also, begin feeding your new pet the same food as the shelter. If you are looking to switch brands, first only switch to half new food for a few days. Then, switch to one-third new food mixed with the old and finally all new food.
  2. Think about where your new friend will be spending most of their time. Due to the change of the environment, your animal will be stressed. They may forget their house-training, so be aware of this when choosing a location in your home.
  3. Keep vocabulary among members of the household consistent when training your new pet. Animals, like humans, are creatures of habit. By keeping a consist vocabulary of commands, your animal will be trained more efficiently.
  4. Just like humans, animals may act out-of-character when stressed. Be sure to give your new pet time alone before introducing them to strangers or children. This may overwhelm the animal in their already vulnerable state, leading to injuries.
  5. Keep your new pet on a schedule! Not only does a schedule hold you accountable to walk and feed your new animal, but it allows for your pet to get in a routine. By having a routine, stress is relieved from the animal as they know what to expect in this foreign place. Eventually, their new environment will become a home.
  6. Remember to spay and neuter your pet. Spaying and neutering your animal helps keep them healthy and allows them to live longer. It also protects against animal homelessness. Talk to your veterinarian about the proper age to spay and neuter your new friend, as time varies depending on healthiness.

Adopting a new pet is exciting! While you may have fears as an adopter, it is important to remember you are changing an animals’ life (and yours!) for the better.

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