Baby It’s Cold Outside - Care for Your Animals!

Cheryl Phillips

As the weather cools down, we tend to worry about getting our cars started earlier and picking out which hat to wear for the day. What about our furry friends? It’s our responsibility to make sure they stay warm enough throughout the winter months.  If it’s too cold for you to be outside, it’s too cold for your pet. 

Here are some tips on how to keep your animals comfortable and safe:

  1. Make sure outdoor bedding is made from straw only. Do NOT use blankets. They collect condensation, freeze and breed bacteria.
  2. Use Diatomaceous Earth as a natural control for fleas and ticks on cats and dogs. Sprinkle it on their bedding.
  3. Make sure your antifreeze is nontoxic! Chemicals can be extremely harmful to animals.
  4. Dry your pet off after playing outside. It keeps them warm and your house cleaner. Keep their paws cleaned from chemicals used to clear ice and snow.

Don’t forget about abandoned and stray animals either! How to help a new found friend:

  1. Offer shelter in or around your home.
  2. Provide food and water.
  3. Check with local authorities for a lost pet, and check for a microchip.
  4. Check around your car before driving off. Small animals may seek shelter under the hood of your car or around your tires. Bang around a bit to let them know this isn’t the right place for snoozing.
  5. If you notice a pet is left outside alone more than they should be, speak up! Be a Voice for the animals and report neglect and abuse.  

Make sure you or your pets don’t get lonely this winter season. Keep each other company, safe, and warm by staying in as much as you can!

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