Holiday Gift Guide: GG’s Journey is the Perfect Present

Cheryl Phillips

Keep your loved ones in the giving spirit with the gift of GG’s Journey. This book is more than just a story.

Found lying under a tree in Detroit, Gorgeous Gal, also known as GG, was struggling to survive when Cheryl Phillips came along. GG deserved a second chance, and that is what Phillips gave her.

The story of GG is inspiring and heartwarming. From her rescue to encountering a near-death experience in a shelter to her recovery, Phillips was determined to find GG the loving home of her dreams.

Whether you’re a teacher, pet owner, a shelter employee, student, veterinarian, or animal lover, GG’s Journey will instill compassion and love for animals in your heart.

The best part about purchasing a copy of GG’s Journey is that you are contributing to a more-than-worthy cause. With each purchase, 15% of net proceeds go to GG’s Foundation, which was created to help end animal homelessness, euthanasia of healthy and treatable pets, exploitation, inhumane treatment, and animal cruelty.

Purchase a copy today and share this heart-warming story with a loved one this holiday season.

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